All-Russian National Academy of Mycology

All-Russian National Academy of Mycology (Общероссийская Общественная Национальная Академия Микологии) was instituted in Moscow, February 29, 2000 as a nation-wide autonomous association of research and academic workers in the field of mycology. Academy has its offices and representations in 49 regions of Russia, with total membership of more than two thousand (2008). The top-level National Assembly of Academy is Congress of Russian Mycologists (I CRM was held in 2002, the II CRM – in 2008, Moscow). President of All-Russian National Academy of Mycology is Prof. Yuri V. Sergeev, Hon. Doctor of Russian Federation, Member of RANS.

Medical section of Academy consists of 252 members (2008). Five All-Russian Congresses of Medical Mycology were conducted by Academy since 2003. Major projects of the Medical Section are nation-wide awareness campaigns against tinea pedis and onychomycosis (Hotline Project 2001-2002, more than 30000 patients examined), epidemiological surveys and support for the development of Russian direct multiprimer PCR for Trichophyton and Microsporum species (2004-2007).

Prof. Sofia Burova is Vice-President and the head of Medical Section of Academy. Prof. Alexey Sergeev is Scientific Secretary General and ECMM Delegate.

The Academy offers extensive support for Russian authors, publishing textbooks and monographs in mycology, with more than 30 major editions out of print since 2000. Journal (medical section): Journal of Immunopathology, Allergology, Infectology. Yearbook (medical section): Advances in Medical Mycology (Успехи медицинской микологии), vol. I-X. Yearbook (general): Mycology Today.

Official Address: Russia 103104 Moscow, Malaya Bronnaya str. 20 b. 1. Tel. +74951451480 Official website of All-Russian National Academy of Mycology is