ECMM Congresses

History of ECMM counts for eighteen congresses convened by Confederation. Nine of them (1st TIMM – 9th TIMM) were joint meetings with the EORTC- IDG, while the 10th Trends in Medical Mycology (TIMM) in Aberdeen will be convened by the ECMM alone.

1st ECMM Congress (Paris, 1993)
2nd ECMM Congress (Bruxelles, 1995)
3rd ECMM Congress (Lisbon, 1996)
4th ECMM Congress (Glasgow, 1998)
5th ECMM Congress (Dresden, 1999)
6th ECMM Congress (Barcelona, 2000)
7th ECMM Congress (Rhodes, 2001)
8th ECMM Congress (Budapest, 2002)
9th ECMM/1st TIMM Congress (Amsterdam, 2003)
10th ECMM Congress (Wroclaw, 2004)
11th ECMM/2nd TIMM Congress (Berlin, 2005)
12th ECMM/3rd TIMM Congress (Torino, 2007)
13th ECMM/4th TIMM Congress (Athens, 2009)
14th ECMM/5th TIMM Congress (Valencia, 2011)
15th ECMM/6th TIMM Congress (Copenhagen, 2013)
16th ECMM/7th TIMM Congress (Lisbon, 2015)
17th ECMM /8th TIMM Congress (Belgrade, 2017)
18th ECMM / 9th TIMM Conrgess (Nice, 2019)

the 19th ECMM/10th TIMM congress will be held in Aberdeen in 2021