2004. Tenth ECMM Congress (Wroclaw)

July 17, 2008 – 16:32 — ECMM Website Editor

The 10th ECMM Congress was held in Wroclaw, Poland, on June 17-20, 2004.

Local Organisers: E. Baran, J. Szepietowski.

From Mycology Newsletter, 2004. P. 1
Our meeting in Wroclaw this year was a great success, which generated a lot of positive feedback.We are very grateful to Prof Eugeniusz Baran and Dr Jacek Szepietowski for the enormous amount of hard work they put in personally to ensure the congress ran smoothly. The meeting made a profit for the Society, which is a very positive finale for an important moment in the history of the ECMM.The meeting in Wroclaw was the last ECMM congress of its type.
From Mycology Newsletter, 2004. P. 6

The 10th Congress of ECMM in Wroclaw Poland turned out to be a very successful meeting, with several hundred participants from all over the world. The local organizers, Prof.’s E. Baran and J. C. Szepietowski together with the Mycological Section of the Polish Dermatological Society undertook a difficult job to attract scientists, mycologists and clinicians from all continents in a wonderful meeting to discuss topics related to fungi and fungal diseases. During the congress, excellent presentations were delivered by the invited speakers. In addition, a great number of high-quality submitted abstracts contributed to lively poster and oral presentation sessions.

The social program of the meeting also was quite nice. The first day of the meeting, June 17, 2004 started with the meeting of the ECMM Council. The opening ceremony was then held followed by a welcome reception where friends and colleagues met in a relaxing, warm and joyful atmosphere.The next day, Friday, and the subsequent days the meeting continued with excellent lectures delivered by national specialists. In addition, scientific symposia were organized by experienced faculty and contained high-quality lectures on specific topics related to biology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of fungal diseases.
The prestigious E. Drouhet Lecture was delivered by Prof. Eugeniusz Baran who presented with a series of beautiful pictures the Wax Mycological Models Collection stored in Wroclaw’s Department of Dermatology. This presentation intended to review the history of wax mycological models collection built and found in the Department for many decades. These models represented skin lesions, tumors or other pathological conditions. They were called “moulages”.The audience was enthusiastic to participate in 3 well-attended satellite symposia generously supported by grants of equal number of pharmaceutical companies.