ECMM Founding Members

Meeting for the preparation of the Confederation at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, January 15, 1993.

(From J Mycol Méd 1993; 3: 65)

ECMM Founders


From left to right the delegates representing the European Societies and Groups of Medical Mycology:

1. J. Stenderup (Denmark) on the left Mrs Stenderup
2. D. W. R. MacKenzie (UK)
3. C. de Vroey ( Belgium)
4. J. Müller (Germany)
5. G. Freitas (Portugal)
6. A. Lasagni (Italy)
7. E. Drouhet (France)
8. J. N. Faergemann (Sweden)
9. MA. Viviani (Italy)
10 B. Dupont (France) with Mrs Dupont
11. G. Gargani (Italy)
12. J-M. Bastide (France)
13. M. Ziarkiewcz (Poland)
14. E. Tümbay (Turkey)

Absent in the photo: JM Torres-Rodriguez (Spain) and O. Marcelou-Kinti (Greece)