Purpose of the test:

Diagnosis/Exclusion of fungal infection

Short description of the test:

This is a commercial Limulus amoebocyte lysate assay for beta-D-glucan to provide an accurate quantitative measurement of this analyte in a serum sample. The test is performed in our laboratory currently two times a week and all results are phoned or emailed to users. A negative result aids the clinician in excluding a diagnosis of most fungal infections including candidosis, aspergillosis, Fusarium infection, pneumocystis pneumonia. However it will not detect Cryptococcus or mucoraceous moulds.

Cost price of the test:


Sample type(s) and volume:

Serum 200ul

Transport instructions:

Samples should not deteriorate over 2-3 days if shipped at ambient temperature

Additional comments(i.e. test accredited? yes/no):

This test is CE marked. This test is not currently within scope of our UK Accreditation Service accreditation as this is a relatively newly introduced test.

Test frequency:

Twice weekly

Contact Person:

Richard Barton (Clinical Scientist in the Mycology Reference Centre)

Institution name:

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Dept Microbiology

Lab contact:

Rebekka Tolson, Laboratory Manager

Lab contact details:

Department of Microbiology, Leeds General Infirmary
Leeds LS1 3EX United Kingdom

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