qPCR histoplasmosis



Purpose of the test:

Diagnose, confirm and exclude histoplasmosis in at risk patients. Evaluate the efficacy of the treatment.

Short description of the test:

The test is a quantitative PCR based on the detection of a repeated gene specific for Histoplasma capsulatum var. capsulatum, and var. duboisii (100% specific tested against 93 fungal species).
Diagnosis is possible in any kind of samples including whole blood, bone marrow aspirates, respiratory samples, muco-cutaneous scrapping or swabs, fresh or fixed tissue.
Dedicated extraction procedure have been optimized.

Cost price of the test:


Sample type(s) and volume:

1 mL of blood of bone marrow aspirate, pellet of the maximum of BAL or brachial aspirate, 0.1-0.5 cm3 of tissue, swabs in conservation medium or dry coton swabs.

Transport instructions:

4°C if never frozen.
In dry ice if already frozen at -80 or -20

Additional comments(i.e. test accredited? yes/no):

Not accredited.
Evaluation on 400 samples and 22 positive patients.
Study closed and publication ongoing

Test frequency:

Once a week

Contact Person:

Dr Alexandre Alanio alexandre.alanio@aphp.fr

Institution name:

Service de parasitologie-mycologie, Hôpital Saint Louis,

Lab contact:

Dr Samia Hamane samia.hamane@aphp.fr

Lab contact details:

1 avenue Claude Vellefaux
75475 Paris cedex 10 France

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