3rd International Mycological Forum, 14 and 15 April, 2015


The Third International Mycological Forum will take place in Moscow, Russia, on April 14 and 15, 2015. The Forum is summoned by All-Russian National Academy of Mycology.

Free registration and participation are available for all members of European Confederation of Medical Mycology (ECMM).

The official languages of the Forum are Russian and English. The keynote lectures and most breakout sessions will be delivered in Russian. Translation may be provided for special sessions with international invited speakers. Paper submission in English is acceptable for international speakers outside CIS.

Keynote lectures

Several keynote lectures will be provided during the Forum:

  • International scientific community and the sustainable development of mycology
  • Global climate changes as a challenge to fungi and human society
  • New findings in antifungal defense mechanisms common to plants, animals and humans
  • Fungal biotechnology as renevable energy source

Breakout sessions

The breakout sessions are composed with invited lectures and free presentations, submitted by Forum delegates. Topics will include:

  1. Fungal systematics and evolution
  2. Morphology, ontogenesis and structure of fungi
  3. Fungal phisiology and biochemistry
  4. Yeast biology
  5. Fungal biodiversity and preservation
  6. Fungal collections
  7. Ecology of fungi
  8. Fungi in human ecology
  9. Fungi of the extremes
  10. Fungal biodestruction
  11. Symbiosis of fungi and plants
  12. Lichenology
  13. Phytopathogenic fungi
  14. Fungicides and biopesticides
  15. Medicinal fungi
  16. Fungal biotechnology
  17. Fungal pharmacology
  18. Mycotoxins and mushroom poisoning
  19. Veterinary mycology
  20. Medical mycology: dermatomycoses and mucocutaneous candidosis
  21. Medical mycology: deep and invasive mycoses

In addition to regular breakout sessions, round-table discussions on standards in diagnosis and treatment of fungal infestions, symposia and workshops, forum meeting of young mycologists and a session of award winners are planned.

Proposals for international participation should be directed before February 1, 2015 to the Organizing Committee. For guidelines on registration and abstract submission please use translate service.

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