Khaled Alobaid

Ministry Of Health


Dr Khaled Alobaid is a consultant medical microbiologist, who obtained a fellowship from Royal college of pathologists in UK. He was leading infection control committee and antimicrobial stewardship team in Al-Amiri hospital.
He then obtained a Master degree in medical mycology from University College London in 2016. Since then, he is almost dedicated to the field of medical mycology in terms of epidemiology, and laboratory diagnostics. Alobaid is currently leading Mycology reference laboratory as well as medical laboratory department in Chest diseases hospital. He is also in charge of mycology unit in a central dermatology centre.

Dr Alobaid aims for raising awareness of fungal diseases and improving laboratory skills in diagnosis of fungal diseases. He is interested in studying epidemiology of fungal diseases such as chronic pulmonary aspergillosis, dermatophytes, and antifungal resistance.

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