Agostinho Carvalho

Life and Health Sciences Research Institute

Agostinho Carvalho is a biologist and received is PhD in Health Sciences – Biological and Biomedical Sciences, from the University of Minho in 2008, followed by a post-doc and a researcher position at the University of Perugia, Italy. Since 2014, he is an Assistant Researcher/Group Leader at the Microbiology and Infection Research Domain of the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS), Braga, Portugal. His research interests are focused on resolving the contribution of host genetics to susceptibility to fungal diseases in immunocompromised patients. His main areas of research are: (i) the regulatory effects of interindividual genetic variation on molecular and cellular processes of antifungal immunity; and (ii) the identification of novel prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic targets for the development of personalized antifungal interventions. He currently coordinates the Invasive Fungal Infection and Genetics (IFIGEN) Working Party, a Portuguese initiative investigating genetic susceptibility to fungal disease. He currently serves as an Editorial Advisory Board Member for The Journal of Infectious Diseases, and he was recently acknowledged as a Fellow of the European Confederation of Medical Mycology (ECMM).

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