Jean-Pierre Gangneux

Rennes Teaching Hospital and Rennes I University

Jean-Pierre Gangneux is Professor in Medicine, specialized in mycology, tropical medicine and environmental health at the Rennes Teaching Hospital and Rennes 1 University.

One main topic of his research is on the epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of invasive fungal infections, notably invasive aspergillosis and invasive candidiasis.

He developed a research axis on the environmental fungal risk  in UMR INSERM U1085 (IRSET – Université Rennes 1). In particular, he contributed to the optimization and recommendations for hospital environment monitoring but also regarding home fungal exposure.

He published more than 130 articles in international and national journals.

He is the President of the French Society for Medical Mycology (SFMM) and General Secretary of ECMM.

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