Vit Hubka

Charles University, Faculty of Science
Czech Republic

Vit Hubka is a mycologist with a interest in taxonomy, population genetics, epidemiology and antifungal resistances of medically important fungi, especially Aspergillus, and dermatophytes. In the last decade, he coordinated the epidemiological study on dermatomycoses in Czechia and focused in detail on the emerging agents of zoonotic skin infections. He collaborated on the description of approximately 100 new taxa, including new fungal patogens.
He has been working as assistant professor at Charles University (Prague), postdoctoral researcher at the Czech Academy of Sciences (Prague) and Medical Mycology Research Center (Chiba, Japan). He is a lecturer for Medical Mycology subject at the Charles University where he supervises students focusing on taxonomy and medical mycology. He is associate editor of Studies in Mycology and Mycological Progress journals. He has been convenor of ISHAM Onygenales working group, member of the main board of the Czechoslovak Society for Microbiology and Czech Society for Medical Microbiology.

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