Zoi Pana

European University of Cyprus

Zoi Dorothea Pana is a Specialist in Pediatrics, Faculty Member of the Medical School at the European University in Cyprus. Zoi holds a Scholar Fellowship Training in Hospital Epidemiology, Infection Control and Antimicrobial Stewardship at the Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, USA). She holds two MSc (in Medical Research Methodology and in Nanomedicine) and a PhD in Infectious Diseases in immunocompromised children (AUTH, Thessaloniki, Greece). Her research activities focus on Fungal Disease Epidemiology and Rare Fungal infections. Zoi is Member of several European Committees and Expert Groups in infectious Diseases and has participated in several clinical studies/trials with focus on fungal disease in pediatrics (IPFN, ESPID, ECMM/ISHAM, EHA, C4C, PENTA, EPMyN, FungiScope®). Recently, she joined the Pediatric Working Group of the 8th European Conference on Infections in Leukemia (ECIL8- Pediatric Guidelines). Zoi is Member of the ECMM Guidelines Working Group (2014 ESCMID-ECMM European Guidelines on the diagnosis and management of hyalohyphomycosis, 2019 Mucormycosis ECMM MSG Global Guideline and currently she is currently working on the ECMM Candida and One Health ECMM Aspergillus guidelines. During the last 10 years, she has more than 15 peer-reviewed publications in the field of mycology, including invited systemic reviews and meta-analysis studies and she was recently appointed as Editorial Board Member of the Mycoses Journal.
Zoi has been working as Scientific Consultant for the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Committee at the Ministry of Heath, Greece and she is now Member of the National COVID-19 Scientific Committee at the Ministry of Health in Cyprus. Zoi is Member of the VACCELERATE Horizon project, which part of the EU HERA incubator initiative. Since 2020, Zoi is appointed to represent Cyprus at the EU Scientific Advice platform on COVID-19 organized by the European Commission.

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