11 PhD positions, Call opens: 8. April 2024 00.01 CET │ Call closes: 5. May 2024 23.59 CET │ Proposed start: 1. July 2024


11 PhD positions
Call opens: 8. April 2024 00.01 CET │ Call closes: 5. May 2024 23.59 CET │ Proposed start: 1. July 2024
MYCOS ‘Antimycotic Resistance –
Approach from a One Health Perspective’
PhD training program coordinator: Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. rer. nat. Michaela Lackner
Excellent team of mentors: Haschka David, Adolph Timon, Gostner Johanna, Gsaller Fabio, Hackl Hubert,
Komlenac Nikola, Oberacher Herbert, Weissenbacher Annemarie, Willeit Peter, Neuhauser Sigrid, & Siewert
Vision & Mission
The primary focus of MYCOS is to understand the consequences of the dual use of antifungals in both human medicine
and agriculture, from ‘field to clinic’. At MYCOS, our mission is to be at the forefront of research on antimycotic
resistance. Guided by a One Health Approach, we strive to unravel the complexities of antifungal drug resistance
(resistomes) and the composition of the mycobiome. Our commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and cuttingedge
research empowers us to generate novel groundbreaking data, develop alternative treatment strategies, and
disseminate knowledge to promote comprehensive multi-sectoral responses to public health threats.
Research Topics
Scientists and medical professionals at the Innsbruck campus, specializing in Infection, Immunity, Transplantation, and
Biointeractions, have united to establish a comprehensive research and training program called MYCOS specializes on
antimycotic resistance from one Health Approach.
They aim to collaboratively address and investigate four key aspects comprising:
Azole Burden. Investigates the impact and implications of azole exposure on resistance prevalence and abundance.
Clinical Impact of Azole Exposure. Explores how azole exposure affects mycobiome composition and the development
of a fungal resistome.
Azole Resistance. Examines and utilizes the molecular basis of azole resistance to understand and model resistance
for the development of novel drug discovery platforms.
Alternative Therapeutics. The aim is to identify safe and effective antifungals for treating emerging azole- and
multidrug-resistant fungal pathogens in clinical settings.
For more information and a detailed description of the 11 projects see: www.mui-mycos.at
Benefits of the MYCOS program
• A highly structured 6-semester MYCOS-specific educational program (enhanced learning experience with a
focus on professional and transferable skill development, and professional growth / novel multidisciplinary
practical courses and seminars) with guaranteed salary as suggested by the Austrian Science Fund.
• Annual retreats organized by the students for network building and scientific exchange, international
conference attendance for international profiling, cross-disciplinary collaboration and training
• Working at the MUI or UIBK and living in the beautiful city of Innsbruck

Online only application via www.mui-mycos.at
Contact: mycos@i-med.ac.at


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