AAAM2020 – Link for online viewing of talks


Dear all,

We intend to present as much of the AAAM 2020 meeting as we can online via the link below, starting at 08.00 Lugano time on Thursday and Friday and 07.45 on Saturday and following the program timings as closely as possible:


Join URL:

You will not need a password

Please ensure that the sound on your computer is muted


Some of the timings are likely to need to change and we will do our best to send a daily update.


The transmission quality of the talks will be highest if speakers who are not physically present in Lugano provide their talk ahead, as we have asked.

Please remember that none the talks should be re-broadcast – we will arrange this separately for those who have agreed to allow this via the Aspergillus Website subsequently.


Tomorrow is World Aspergillosis Day and there are many activities online. The Twitter handles are: #9thAAAM and #worldaspergillosisday.

Please join in the tweeting as you watch. Please see the attached slide, with the key messages in the slide notes.


The program book, including all the abstracts can be found at


David Stevens

David Denning

Bill Steinbach


Conference Co-Organizers

9th Advances Against Aspergillosis and Mucormycosis

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