ECMM Educational Symposium “Rare Yeasts – A growing Threat” in 2020


It is planned to hold an ECMM Educational  Symposium in 2020 (tentatively in June) – the in-between year of the two coming TIMM Congresses.

The Educational Symposium will be devoted to the topic: “Rare Yeasts – A growing Threat”.

The Symposium will be organized by Prof. Esther Segal and Prof. Mihai Mares, and will be held in Iasi, Romania.

It will consist of two days of lectures from authorities and a practical part of demonstrations.


As an initial step in the preparations of the Symposium a Scientific Committee was formed.

The Committee is  composed of the two Symposium Chairs, ECMM President and ECMM Secretary, ECMM Educational Officer, Chair of Committee of ECMM Excellence Centers and Chair of FECMM Academy,

thus  representing  the spectrum of activities of the ECMM.


Scientific Committee

Prof. Esther Segal, Symposium Chair
Prof. Mihai Mares, Symposium Chair

Dr. Martin Hoenigl
Prof. Jean-Pierre Gangneux
Prof. Oliver Cornely
Prof. Cornelia Lass- Floerl
Prof. Katrien Lagrou

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