ECMM Initiatives presented in the German Parliament


The Global Health Subcommittee of the German Parliament invited Oliver A. Cornely, FECMM, and David W. Denning, FECMM to Berlin to discuss the burden of invasive fungal infections and the current clinical situation of patients in limited resource settings. GAFFI achievements and several of the current ECMM initiatives, Academy, Excellence Centers, One World One Guideline Initiative, and the just starting ExpertConsult were discussed, and encouraged.

For the first time the German Bundestag dealt with the topic, and it was an opportunity for successfully raising awareness. The members of the committee expressed their intent to discuss our proposals at an international level, e.g. WHO and EC.


Picture (from left to right): Juan-Luis Rodriguez-Tudela (GAFFI), Heike Baehrens (Chair Subcommittee Global Health), Prof. David W. Denning (FECMM, GAFFI), Prof. Oliver Cornely (FECMM), Prof. Andrew J. Ullmann (FECMM, Dep. Chair of the Subcommittee), Georg Kippels MD (Member of the Subcommittee)


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