Global Guidelines and Initiatives from the ECMM to improve Patient Care and Research Worldwide: New Leadership is about Working Together


Invasive mycoses present a global challenge with expansion into new hosts, emergence of new pathogens, and development of multidrug resistance. In parallel, new antifungal agents and advanced laboratory diagnostic systems are being developed. In response to these evolving challenges, the European Confederation of Medical Mycology (ECMM) is committed to providing international expertise, guidance, and leadership with the key objectives of improving diagnosis, treatment, outcome, and survival of persons with invasive fungal diseases. Representing 25 affiliated National Medical Mycology Societies, the ECMM has developed several major ways to achieving these critical objectives: [1] tasking specific medical mycology working groups; [2] founding the ECMM Academy and Fellow program (FECMM); [3] expanding the goals of ECMM beyond the European region; [4] implementing the ECMM Excellence Centre Initiative in Europe; and [5] the ECMM Global Guidelines and Neglected Orphan Disease Guidance Initiatives focusing on mucormycosis, rare mold diseases, rare yeast diseases, and endemic mycoses. We believe that these important initiatives and other strategies of the ECMM will advance the field of medical mycology and improve the outcome of patients with invasive mycoses worldwide.

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