LEOSS goes international


Dear Colleagues,

In my capacity as LEOSS ambassador, it is my pleasure to introduce Lean European Open Survey on SARS-CoV-2 Infected Patients.

You may think, please no more survey, but this one is different, because it gives you interesting and valuable feedback.

ESCMID Emerging Infections Task Force (EITaF), German Society of Infectious Diseases (DGI), and German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) set LEOSS up to systematically collect data of COVID-19 infected patients. This data is openly shared within the scientific community to inform clinical management.

We have been in full operation for one week and already included close to 200 patients. To date, more than 100 sites, mostly in Germany, but now spreading across further countries, have joined our efforts.

We focus on the incorporation of diverse medical specialties to capture true risk factors for patients with comprehensive healthcare access and have incorporated questionnaires from rheumatologists, neurologists, intensivists, nephrologists, hematologists, oncologists, and many more.

All information including regular status reports is available on https://leoss.net

Please consider joining to build a worldwide, comprehensive COVID-19 registry. In case a registry strategy has already been established at your institution, we would love to cooperate in the evaluation and comparison of the collected information.

If any questions, please email LEOSS Core Team (Janne Vehreschild, Maximilian Schons and Melanie Stecher) via info@leoss.de and consider following the projects development via the newsletter (https://leoss.net/join-us/) and / or Twitter (@LEOSS_CoV_2)

With kind regards on behalf of the whole LEOSS community, and my personal best wishes in this difficult time.

Oliver Cornely

Prof. Oliver A. Cornely MD, FACP, FIDSA, FAAM, FECMM
Chair | Translational Research | CECAD Cluster of Excellence | University of Cologne
Scientific Director | Center for Clinical Trials | University Hospital
Consultant | Infectious Diseases | Dep. I for Internal Medicine | University Hospital
ECMM Diamond Excellence Center | www.ecmm.info

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