New FECMM paper on the role of Antifungal Combination Therapy for Lomentospora Prolificans and other Rare Mold Infections



  • Retrospective analysis of patients diagnosed with non-Aspergillus invasive mold infections at the University of California San Diego Medical Center, San Diego, California, United States.
  • IMIs occurred in patients with a variety of underlying diseases and diverse sites, not just those with classically-defined immunocompromising drugs and conditions
  • Most Fusarium and Lomentospora isolates had MICs >16 µg/mL for voriconazole and/or posaconazole
  • Overall 180-day mortality was significantly lower among those who received combination antifungal therapy [3/13 (23%)] than among those who received single agent therapy [9/10 (90%); p=0.003]

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