Results of the round two of Pilot Grants of ECMM


A second call for ECMM Pilot Grants was published the 30 November 2021 with a submission deadline for the 15 April 2022.

In view of the consistently high quality of the 4 proposals and the budgetary state of ECMM, the Board decided to fund the four projects that were submitted each with a 5000 Euro pilot grant:


  1. Etiology, presentation and outcome of proven invasive fusariosis in pediatric patients in the Balkans: A 10-year international retrospective study

PI: Valentina Arsić Arsenijević

ECMM Member countries involved: Greece, Romania, Serbia

  1. Mucorales polymerase chain reaction testing in immunocompromised patients: assessing the prevalence of mucormycosis in a high-risk population (MucorPCR multicenter study)

PI: Martin Hoenigl

ECMM Member countries involved: Austria, Belgium, Germany, UK

  1. Mycosands: Exploring fungal contamination in the sand and water around the Mediterranean Sea and other water bodies of Europe – relevance to human health and wellbeing – Take 2: water quality and antifungal resistance

PI: Ester Segal

ECMM Member countries involved: Croatia, France, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Turkey

  1. Response evaluation criteria in invasive aspergillosis (RECIA)

PI: Philipp Köhler,

ECMM Member countries involved: Germany, UK, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands


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