New video available on YouTube channel “ID in Motion”


Dear valued colleagues,

Since last week we have released a new video to the YouTube channel “ID in Motion”.

Please take a look at

I am pleased to announce that we have a rising number of subscribers, but of course, we aim at a large interested medical scientific community.

So may I ask your support, please? Start the video, like it and click the bell, and ideally subscribe to the channel.

You can also follow @CornelyOliver via Twitter, where new videos will be announced every 10 days!
Thank you all in advance, hope you like the program        

Best regards

Prof. Oliver A. Cornely MD, FACP, FIDSA, FAAM, FECMM
Chair | Translational Research | CECAD Cluster of Excellence | University of Cologne
Scientific Director | Center for Clinical Trials | University Hospital
Consultant | Infectious Diseases | Dep. I for Internal Medicine | University Hospital
ECMM Diamond Excellence Center |                        

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