Trends in Medical Mycology

Trends in Medical Mycology (TIMM) are the bi-annual scientific conventions held by ECMM (until 2019 these were joint meetings with the EORTC- IDG, since 2021 convened by the ECMM alone). Ten TIMM conferences have been held since 2003.

1st TIMM (Amsterdam, 2003)
2nd TIMM (Berlin, 2005)
3rd TIMM (Torino, 2007)
4th TIMM (Athens, 2009)
5th TIMM (Valencia, 2011)
6th TIMM (Copenhagen, 2013)
7th TIMM (Lisbon, 2015)
8th TIMM (Belgrade, 2017)
9th TIMM (Nice, 2019)
10th TIMM (Aberdeen, 2021)

The 11th TIMM congress will be held in Athens in 2023.