EMCTG (European Mycology Clinical trials Group) – Working group for clinical trials in Medical Mycology

Coordinators Tihana Bicanic (UK), Oliver Cornely (Germany) and Martin Hoenigl (Austria)


  • To facilitate, conduct and coordinate prospective multi-site, clinical trials (observational and interventional) across Europe, with a specific focus on investigator-led (non-industry) trials
  • To provide a platform of support for Investigators in applications for European funding for multinational clinical studies
  • To help European investigators in identifying suitable study sites for multi-centre trials
  • To mentor and develop the next generation of investigators in the field

Founding steering committee members
UK – Tihana Bicanic, FECMM      tbicanic@sgul.ac.uk
Germany – Oliver Cornely, FECMM  oliver.cornely@uk-koeln.de
Austria – Martin Hoenigl, FECMM  martin.hoenigl@medunigraz.at

France – Blandine Denis
Switzerland – Nina Khanna
Russia – Nikolai Klimko, FECMM
Italy – Livio Pagano, FECMM
Belgium – Johan Maertens, FECMM
Spain – Jose Aguado, FECMM
Netherlands – Bart Rijnders

Role of steering committee:
To Review proposals for/ progress on/ discuss funding applications for multi-site clinical trials in Mycology

Elections to the Steering Committee:
Starting 2024 elections into the steering committee from the pool of members.


  • Open to any European and also non-European clinical investigator with an interest in translational and clinical medical Mycology
  • Also open for Physicians/ Investigators in training
  • Meetings: of steering committee will be held bimonthly via Zoom
  • Entire membership will meet bi-annually in context of TIMM to report findings on EMCTG trials and identify priority areas for future study
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