Survey of Coccidioidomycosis

Coordinator Bertrand Dupont (France)

September 7, 2012 – 15:33

Epidemiological study on imported coccidioidomycosis in Europe

Dr Bertrand DUPONT is coordinating this epidemiological ECMM study on imported coccidioidomycosis in Europe. This study started in 2009. Cases are collected starting in January 2009. However cases prior to 2009 as a retrospective study are also collected. In most countries very few or no cases are recorded and for this reason this should not represent a large amount of work.

The aim of the study is to analyse epidemiological data, clinical features, diagnostic tools and results of treatment. Such a study has also a teaching value for participating countries in making clinicians and mycologists aware of this possible diagnosis.

A case report form is available on the ECMM website (see attachment)
The last email to recall this study to ECMM delegates was sent in March 2012.
Up to now 9 countries reported 36 cases:

France: 19 cases
Netherlands: 6 cases
Belgium: 2 cases
Hungary: 2 cases (with limited data)
Sweden: 2 cases
Denmark: 1 case (without data)
Israel: 1 case
Italy: 1 case
Portugal: 1case
Spain: 1 case (very limited data)
Germany had many cases, not yet reported.
No cases were identified in Austria, Greece, Serbia, Turkey

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