EQUAL Score Card for Mucormycosis now available in Polish
Date | 20-08-2018

click here for the score card: EQUAL Mucor 2018 pl Sept final_DOI DOI: 10.4126/FRL01-006409360

New FECMM paper on the role of Antifungal Combination Therapy for Lomentospora Prolificans and other Rare Mold Infections
Date | 16-08-2018

Highlights Retrospective analysis of patients diagnosed with non-Aspergillus invasive mold infections at the University of California San Diego Medical Center, San Diego, California, United States. IMIs occurred in patients with a variety of underlying diseases and diverse sites, not just …

FORWARD Act for antifungals. New US initiative: Finding Orphan-disease Remedies with Antifungal Research & Development
Date | 13-08-2018

New US initiative: Finding Orphan-disease Remedies with Antifungal Research & Development A bill was introduced to support endemic orphan fungal disease research, incentivize Valley Fever vaccine development, discover new antifungal therapies and diagnostics, and for other purposes. full document: FORWARD BILLS-115hr6562ih

Global Guidelines and Initiatives from the ECMM to improve Patient Care and Research Worldwide: New Leadership is about Working Together
Date | 13-08-2018

Invasive mycoses present a global challenge with expansion into new hosts, emergence of new pathogens, and development of multidrug resistance. In parallel, new antifungal agents and advanced laboratory diagnostic systems are being developed. In response to these evolving challenges, the …

EQUAL Candida Score: An ECMM score derived from current guidelines to measure QUAlity of Clinical Candidaemia Management
Date | 04-08-2018

Candida species frequently cause blood stream infections and are reported to be the third to tenth most commonly isolated pathogens. Guidelines and standardised treatment algorithms provided by professional organisations aim to facilitate decision-making regarding diagnosis, management and treatment of candidaemia. In routine clinical practise, …