Global Declaration on Appropriate Use of Antimicrobial Agents across the Surgical Pathway published
Date | 13-11-2017

The  Global Alliance for Infections in Surgery published “A Global Declaration on Appropriate Use of Antimicrobial Agents across the Surgical Pathway” endorsing antimicrobial stewardship. The full publication in different languages can be found here

ESCMID/ASM Conference on Drug Development to Meet the Challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance, 4–7 September 2018, Lisbon, Portugal
Date | 13-11-2017

This ASM ESCMID conference on drug development to meet the emerging resistance is the 3rd joint effort to bring people together moving the field of drug development forward. Antifungals are off course also on the list so the conference would be in the interest of  ECMM members, particularly taken into consideration the emerging echinocandin and […]

Master Class-2 Meeting, 23-25 November 2017, Izmir, Turkey
Date | 27-10-2017

“The 2nd International Clinical Mycology Master Class: Challenges in Diagnosis and Management of Invasive Fungal Diseases” will be made in Izmir, Turkey, on dates 23-25 November 2017.  The meeting is organized by Center of Expertise in Mycology Radboudumc/CWZ, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Turkish Society of Medical Mycology, and European Confederation of […]

New LFD for Diagnosis of invasive Aspergillosis
Date | 23-10-2017

A study recently published in Mycoses;jsessionid=5702E966D611F441C01C7D3F6EC49508.f02t01 evaluated for the first time the newly formatted Aspergillus-specific lateral-flow-device (LFD), which has been formatted for large-scale manufacture and CE marking as an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) device and is expected to be on the market by the end of the year. The study compare the performance of […]

Inauguration of the 2nd ECMM Excellence Center
Date | 20-10-2017

On October 10, 2017  the Excellence Center inauguration symposium at University Hospital of Cologne was a hugh success for ECMM. There were 120 attendees and about 130 were following the livestream. The Medical Director, the Dean of the Medical Faculty, Department Chairs, and the Mayor of the City of Cologne welcomed the participants and opened […]

An example of North-South dialogue in mycology
Date | 20-10-2017

Next week, Medical Mycology Societies from Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and France will organize a joint meeting on mycology and parasitology. This North-South dialogue exists now for 6 years with 2 previous meetings in Rabat (Morocco) in 2013, Tunis (Tunisia) in 2015, and now Alger (Algeria) in 2017.  These meetings with more than 300 attendees give […]