Working Groups and Surveys

To the time of ECMM institution it was recognised that “…a map of the frequency and distribution of fungal infections in Europe is still lacking, and it is necessary to clarify their aetiology, pathogenesis, clinical aspects, diagnosis and therapeutic approach. The construction of such a map is one of the major aims of our Confederation.” (From Mycology Newsletter, 1997 P. 5)

The ECMM Executive Committee and the Council have approved the proposals for the constitution of the first six Working Groups in 1997. A convenor was appointed for each study and the regulations, which establish the organizational structure of the epidemiological working groups were approved to ensure that collaborators will be able to work in harmony while at the same time each one’s rights are respected.

In each Working Group the Convenor collaborates with a National Coordinator in each country. The latter are responsible for stimulating the participation of various researchers in that country in order to collect a sufficient number of cases and collate, check and transmit the data to the Convenor.