FECMM Application Prerequisites

Applications for FECMM are considered if the applicant fulfils the following prerequisites:

  • At least 2 years membership in a National Mycological Society, or, if no such society exists, at least 2 years  membership in the Medical Mycology Chapter of a National Society (as outlined in the statutes of the ECMM, www.ecmm.info ) if such a chapter exists.
  • International, national or local recognition for research, teaching, clinical, or committee work
  • At least 15 peer-reviewed publications in the field of clinical mycology that meet the scholarly and pedagogical expectations of the ECMM
  • Promoting the science and practice of all aspects of medical mycology throughout the European continent or world-wide
  • Participation in ECMM studies, including registries
  • Initiating, facilitating and coordinating research and other scientific activities on an international basis throughout Europe or world-wide
  • Connecting European medical mycology with non-European mycologists
  • Collaboration with other organisations promoting medical mycology
  • Facilitating the discussion and dissemination of the results of international collaborative research
  • Promoting scientific meetings and training courses
  • For physician scientists: Promoting evidence-based clinical mycology in diagnostics and treatment
  • Starting in 2025: Courses, internships or employment at an ECMM Excellence Centre extending over at least 80 hours (cumulative). Applicants who are not employed at an ECMM Excellence Centre will have to spend at least 80 hours of internships or courses at an ECMM Excellence Centre, or alternatively need proof that they have attended a total of at least 80 hours in educational activities or workshops offered by ECMM
  • willingness to perform excellence center audits for the ECMM