ECMM Excellence Centers

Networking across Europe

An ECMM Excellence Centre (ECMM EC) is an institution designated by the ECMM Board to form part of an international collaborative network.
In line with the ECMM policy and strategy, an ECMM EC participates in the strengthening of country resources, in terms of information, services, research and training, in support of national health development.
Designation is made with the agreement of the head of the establishment to which the institution is attached or with that of the director of the institution.

• The network of ECMM EC will direct physicians, patients, and relatives to an appropriate and capable centre.
Physicians, patients and relatives frequently seek advice when confronted with invasive fungal diseases (IFD), but unfortunately, there is no European system to direct them to the respective experts in their country.
Acute and chronic IFD are often life threatening and timely diagnosis and treatment options are particularly complex. An expanding array of diagnostic tests, methods for detection of resistance and antifungal compounds add to that complexity.
Most, if not all IFD are rare or orphan diseases as per the European epidemiological definition of less than 1 in 2,000 population.
• ECMM EC designation provides institutions with enhanced visibility and recognition by national authorities, calling public attention to the health issues on which they work. It opens up improved opportunities for them to exchange information and develop technical cooperation with other institutions, in particular at international level, and to mobilize
additional and sometimes important resources from funding partners.

The designation both recognizes the collaboration with ECMM and the designated institution, and provides a formal framework for future joint activities. It is a time‐limited agreement of collaboration between ECMM and ECMM EC.
Excellence centers are encouraged to display the label “European Medical Mycology Center” in letterheads, web sites, presentations etc.
If centers decide to use the designation, it is mandatory to combine it with the ECMM logo.
The designation differentiates ECMM EC quality in Silver, Gold and Diamond Status.
• Silver Status
Excellence in either clinical microbiology or infectious diseases.
• Gold Status
Excellence in the both mycological fields of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases.
• Diamond Status
Gold Status AND participation in ECMM endorsed clinical or epidemiological studies.