Benefits for Fellows of ECMM

The following benefits apply to Fellows of the ECMM:

  • Additional visibility as a key opinion leader in your mycology specialization
  • Additional title to use, which may be of benefit at the respective home universities and institutions and for career tracks
  • Presentation of all new FECMM every two years at the opening of TIMM, with a few slides on each new FECMM that highlight their CV and scientific achievements
  • Acceptance as an FECMM will be announced by an ECMM press release upon inauguration. Acceptance will also be announced by the respective national mycological societies by sending out an email to all of their respective members
  • FECMM receive a pin, which displays their status to wear at conferences, meetings and hearings
  • New FECMM will be prominently listed on the ECMM website, including a short biography
  • Recognition as a preferred investigator for mycology research projects and clinical trials
  • Starting in 2020, centres will need at least one FECMM in order to be approved as an ECMM Excellence Centre
  • Unparalleled access to a global community network of experts and renowned leaders in mycology
  • Access to the FECMM Virtual Network (includes all the ECMM Council members as well as all FECMM). Postings will be automatically sent out via e-mail to all ECMM Council members and FECMM, and additionally displayed in the members section of the ECMM homepage. The goals of the network will be to foster enhanced collaboration between FECMM/ECMM Council and to promote peer-to-peer learning and research by linking people with similar research interests
  • Research activities amongst FECMM may be approved as official FECMM collaboration, and a letter of support may be obtained from the ECMM President for funding applications. Benefits of such a letter of support may include increased likelihood of obtaining research funding from federal agencies or private foundations
  • Other Networking opportunities:
    • All FECMM will have access to the speakers VIP lounge at TIMM where refreshments will be provided
    • All FECMM will each receive a ticket for the conference dinner at TIMM
  • Discounted registration for ECMM educational activities/workshops that will advance professional skills and standing.