Anil Kumar

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences

Anil Kumar, is the Professor & Head of Microbiology at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, Kerala India. He got his MD in 2006 and as part of the thesis investigated 200 cases of corneal ulcers with majority of it being of fungal aetiology. Dr. Anil is actively involved in clinic-microbiological correlation for optimum utilization of diagnostic facility for better diagnosis and treatment of fungal infections. He is also part of hospital infection control team and provides his expertise in investigating outbreaks of fungal infections. As part of the antibiotic stewardship committee he audits antifungal prescriptions for their appropriateness with respect to indication, dose and duration of treatment. His research interests are focused on the diagnosis and treatment of emerging fungal infections particularly multi drug resistant C.auris and C.haemulonii complex. Recently he has worked on fluconazole resistance in C. parapsilosis complex. He has more than 80 research and review papers to his credit with more than 2000 citations. He is a reviewer for several scientific journals. He is a life member of Society of Indian Human and Animal Mycologist of India (SIHAM).

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