Frédéric Lamoth

Institute of Microbiology of the University Hospital

Frédéric Lamoth is a Swiss medical doctor, born in 1975 in Vevey.

He is board certified in Switzerland for general internal medicine, infectious diseases and medical microbiology. After his clinical training in Lausanne, he completed a 4-year research fellowship at the Duke University Mycology Research Unit in Durham (NC, USA). Since 2015, he is affiliated to the Infectious Diseases Service and to the Institute of Microbiology of the University Hospital of Lausanne.

His research activities are mainly dedicated to medical mycology, including clinical aspects (epidemiology, diagnostic and treatment of invasive fungal infections) and pathobiology (mechanisms of antifungal resistance). After some years of experience, he is just starting to understand a few things about these amazing fungi and he hopes that his efforts may help to keep his patients alive.

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