Raquel Sabino

National Institute of Health Dr. Ricardo Jorge

Raquel Sabino – Graduated in Biology by the University of Lisbon and with a PhD in Biological Sciences, Mycology by Minho University. Developed her Posdoc studies in molecular epidemiology of Aspergillus, in collaboration with Standford Univerity and California Institute of Medical Research, California. Actually, Raquel Sabino develops her research work at the Reference Unit for Parasitic and Fungal Infections at National Institute of Health Dr. Ricardo Jorge.

Her major field of study is diagnosis, surveillance and molecular epidemiology of fungal infections. She has several publications and communications in these areas of expertise, namely scientific papers published in international and national peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and she is also co-editor of two books in the field of mycology. Lecturer and Chair in national and international conferences, workshops and scientific meetings. She is board member of the journal Medical Mycology and she is reviewer of a broad number of journals in the field of microbiology, mycology and infectious diseases.

She is the Portuguese Ambassador of the international organization GAFFI – Global Action Fund for Fungal Infections and one of the Portuguese representatives of the international group LIFE (Leading International Fungal Education) and is member of several ECMM/ISHAM working groups.

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