Thomas Walsh

Weill Cornell Medicine of Cornell University
New York

Thomas J. Walsh, MD, PhD (hon), FAAM, FIDSA serves as Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Microbiology & Immunology at Weill Cornell Medicine of Cornell University and founding Director of the Transplantation-Oncology Infectious Diseases Program and the Infectious Diseases Translational Research Laboratory, as Sharp Family Foundation Scholar, Henry Schueler Foundation Scholar in Mucormycosis, and Investigator of Emerging Infectious Diseases of the Save Our Sick Kids Foundation. Having served with distinction as the Chief of the Immunocompromised Host Section of the Pediatric Oncology Branch of National Cancer Institute for 23 years, Dr. Walsh was recruited to build the first Transplantation-Oncology Infectious Diseases Program in Weill Cornell Medicine and New York Presbyterian Hospital. He directs a combined clinical and laboratory research program dedicated to improving the lives and care of immunocompromised children and adults. The objective of the Program’s translational research is to develop new strategies for molecular diagnosis, immunopharmacology, pharmacokinetics / pharmacodynamics, treatment, and prevention of life-threatening invasive mycoses in immunocompromised children and adults. These objectives are achieved through laboratory investigations using parallel in vitro systems, and robustly predictive in vivo animal model systems, leading to phase-I, phase-II, and phase-III clinical trials.  The Program’s current targeted laboratory investigations and clinical trials in medical mycology include invasive candidiasis, pulmonary aspergillosis, mucormycosis, fusariosis, and phaeohyphomycosis. In addition to patient care and translational research, Dr. Walsh has also mentored more than 180 students, fellows, and faculty, many of whom are emerging leaders in the field of medical mycology and infections in immunocompromised patients throughout the world.

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