2nd Biennial Meeting BALKAN FUNGUS, Thessaloniki, Greece, 15-17 October 2020


The Second Balkan Conference on Medical Mycology and Mycotoxicology (www.balkanfungus2020.com) will take place in October 15-17, 2020 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Balkan Fungus started in 2018 as an initiative of five Balkan national societies of Medical Mycology and this year 12 countries participate. In the nice and colourful city of Thessaloniki with its long history, a very interesting conference is expected to take place, where important topics of medical mycology will be presented by a multitude of experts and broadly renowned colleagues coming from the broader region and other European countries.

For more information on the programme, click below:
BF20-Program       www.balkanfungus2020.com

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