Public Consultation ECMM-ISHAM Candida Global Guideline


Dear Colleagues,

the ECMM is happy to announce that the „Global guideline for the diagnosis and management of candidiasis: an initiative of the ECMM in cooperation with ISHAM“ is undergoing public review now.

We invite you to carefully read the draft and use the respective online form to address any topic to improve the guidance document. In this way, the authors can ensure that your contribution is given due consideration.

In addition, we would be honoured if worldwide as many scientific societies as possible would support this guideline. For this reason, we would like to kindly ask for your help to request this support from your national or regional societies.

The draft version of the manuscript and a submission form for comments or suggestions can be found here:

The period of public consultation ends on March 31, 2024.

In case of endorsement of the guideline, the ECMM would highly appreciate a document of approval on the society letterhead to be able to mention the endorsement with the publication.

Your dedication and time is highly appreciated.

With sincere regards,
Prof. Dr. Oliver A. Cornely for the authors


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