Sponsoring of mycological symposia and conferences by ECMM

ECMM co-sponsors important mycological symposia and conferences upon request. In the past this was established as a well-accepted strategy to foster the scientific mission of the ECMM.

ECMM is responsible for a balanced and reasonable spending of its assets according to the ECMM statutes.
To facilitate the procedures when a grant is requested, the Board of the ECMM set forth the following guidance for the support of mycological symposia by ECMM grants.
The ECMM member requesting support should do so in writing, and name the amount requested, name and dates of the conference, and bank details. Additionally, the member should briefly expand on the following:
– Advertising the upcoming symposium on the ECMM website

– Writing a report on the symposium for the ECMM website

– Posting the ECMM logo in any sponsor section of the program, mailing, website of the symposia, etc.

– Linking a potential symposia website with the ECMM website (and vice versa)

– Publishing abstracts or manuscripts in a supplement issue of Mycoses, the official journal publication of ECMM (additional funds may be requested)
In case of a positive reply from the ECMM board, the ECMM treasurer will email a funding paper sheet, which needs to be filled out completely in order to facilitate the transfer of the grant amount.